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NEOKarosse is a 1963 Bentley S3, electrified


Wearing the marks of life on the outside.

Under the hood is the most modern of the latest.

The inside is dedicated to the royal like a piece of art.

NEOKarosse gives a 1963 classic Bentley a new life-cycle by converting the vehicle to a electric power drive and updating the technical components to the most modern available.


On the governance side the project is web3 based. The vehicle is co-owned by it's token holders. Tokens give usage-rights which are administered through a progressive web Dapp that let's users book and use the Bentley. 

The project is Berlin based, and the vehicle comes with a driver the old school way.

Expected to be completed and available for use by summer 2024. Conceived by the brains behind it is expected to become another viral super hit, from the depth of the Berlin sub-culture.

This project serves as a prototype of a token based shared-owernship model and you can expect it to scale to an entire fleet coming to other locations after the initial launch.

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